Name Degree Year Current Position
Qi An M.S. in Bioinformatics 2019 Pursuing PhD at Heildelberg University
Yu-Hui Lin Ph.D. Physics 2019 Data Scientist, Verdigris
Rong Jin M.S. in Bioinformatics 2018 Pursuing M.S. Statistics in Georgia Tech
Shengyun Peng Ph.D. in Bioinformatics 2018 Data Scientist in Adobe
Hend Alrasheed M.S. in Bioinfomatics 2018 Faculty in King Saud University
Keith Paarporn Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering 2018 Postdoctoral Scientist, UCSB
Charles Wigington Ph.D. Bioinformatics 2017 Data Scientist, Press Ganey
Walker Gussler M.S. Bioinformatics 2016 Software Engineer/ Data Scientist at CDC
Devika Singh M.S. Bioinformatics 2016 Ph.D. Candidate in Bioinformatics, Georgia Tech
Bradford Taylor Ph.D. Physics 2016 Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Luis Jover Ph.D. Physics 2016 Data Scientist with the corporate arm of Walmart
Abhiram Das Ph.D. Bioinformatics 2015 Engineer DNANexus
Cesar Flores Ph.D. Physics 2014 Analyst in Decision Sciences at Conversant Inc.
Gabriel Mitchell Ph.D. Biology 2013 Postdoctoral Scientist, IST Austria
Shimantika Sharma M.S. Bioinformatics 2012 Genomics Analyst, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Kristen Knipe M.S. Bioinformatics 2011 Bioinformatician in the Biotechnology Core Facility Branch of the CDC
Richard In-Ho Joh Ph.D. Physics 2011 Assistant Professor of Physics at Virginia Commonwealth University
Taras Galkovskyi M.S. Computer Science (Ukraine) 2010 Research Scholar, Duke University
Andrey Kislyuk Ph.D. Bioinformatics 2010 Bioinformatics Scientist, Pacific Biosciences
Anjana Varadarajan M.S. Bioinformatics 2010 Bioinformatics Engineer, Edge Bio
Amol Shetty M.S. Bioinformatics 2008 Software Developer, Emory University School of Medicine
Srijak Bhatnagar M.S. Bioinformatics 2008 Bioinformatics Engineer, UC-Davis