Together with former postdoc, Dr. Hayriye Gulbudak, we just had our analysis of contact-mediated dormancy published in PRSB:

Gulbudak & Weitz, PRSB 2016

The article takes on the canonical view of the interactions between viruses and their microbial hosts, in which changes in host and virus fate requires the initiation of infection of a host by a virus. Infection may lead to the death of the host cell and release of viruses, to the elimination of the viral genome through cellular defence mechanisms or the integration of the viral genome with the host as a chromosomal or extrachromosomal element. Here, we developed a model inspired by recent experimental findings in which the majority of target host cells can be induced into a dormant state when exposed to either active or deactivated viruses, even when viruses are present at low relative titre. We show how virus particles can catalyse cellular transformations among many cells, even if they ultimately infect only one (or none).