Shengyun Peng graduated with a PhD in Bioinformatics in December 2018 after defending his dissertation on 'UNDERSTANDING VIRUS-HOST INTERACTIONS THROUGH SINGLE CELL AND WHOLE GENOME ANALYSIS'. Dr. Peng is now a Data Scientist at Adobe Inc.

Dr. Peng's thesis reports findings stemming from analysis of virus-host interactions in a natural environment (Yellowstone National Park hot springs) as supported by a NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity grant. This first section characterized virus-host interactions in a hot spring’s environment, combining evidence from single-amplified genomes and metagenomes to characterize a natural virus-host interaction network, finding that the majority of cells were infected by one (or more) viruses. The analysis was part of a joint first author publication in ISME J: A Virus or more in (nearly) every cell. The thesis also reports analysis derived from an experimental study of coevolution in vitro, including inference of interactions and new insights into the coevolutionary process.