Joshua Weitz's book Quantitative Viral Ecology: Dynamics of Viruses and Their Microbial Hosts was named the winner in the Postgraduate Textbook Prize category as part of the Royal Society of Biology's 2016 Book Awards. Weitz's monograph was published by Princeton University Press in their Monographs in Population Biology series.

The Royal Society of Biology conducts an annual book competition. More information on the competition can be found here. In awarding Prof. Weitz the prize, the judges noted:

"Beneath its unassuming plain green cover is a novel, readable and extensive scholarly work on viruses and their interactions. A superb introduction to [a] new field of research."

The monograph on Quantitative Viral Ecology addresses three major questions: (i) what are viruses of microbes and what do they do to their hosts? (ii) how do interactions of a single virus-host pair affect the number and traits of hosts and virus populations? (iii) how do virus-host dynamics emerge in natural environments, when interactions take place between many viruses and many hosts?

In doing so, the monograph emphasizes the ways in which theory and models can provide insights into all of these questions and provides a cohesive framework to the study of new challenges in the ongoing dynamics between viruses and their microbial hosts.

This year, the shortlist in the postgraduate textbook category included:

  • Quantitative Viral Ecology, Joshua S Weitz, Princeton University Press
  • Organism and Environment, Sonia E Sultan, Oxford University Press
  • Synthetic Biology - A Primer, Paul S Freemont, Richard I Kitney, Geoff Baldwin, Travis Bayer, Robert Dickinson, Tom Ellis, Karen Polizzi, Guy-Bart Stan, Imperial College Press
  • The Origin of Higher Taxa, T S Kemp, Oxford University Press