The Weitz group welcomes computational and physical scientists interested in biology and biologists interested in applying/developing quantitative and computational methods to their systems. We have positions available for graduate students and undergraduate researchers

Graduate Students

Students interested in pursuing graduate work in theoretical ecology and integrative biology at Georgia Tech are encouraged to contact Dr. Joshua Weitz. The Weitz group has expertise in ecology, microbiology, systems biology, mathematics and physics, and we are actively seeking students with quantitative training to work on problems ranging from the evolutionary dynamics of viruses, coexistence in microbial communities, to the structure and function of biological networks. The deadline for applications depends on the PhD program, see below:

Application procedure
Send cover letter explaining why you want to join the group along with a CV to jsweitz (at)
Dr. Weitz can mentor students affiliated with the following departments and programs:

Fellowships are available from a variety of sources:


Students with strong computational background and an interest in the natural sciences are encouraged to contact Dr. Joshua Weitz regarding the possibility of for-credit or for-pay term or summer projects. Current possibilities exist for computational projects related to virus-host dynamics.


Application procedure
Send email explaining what you hope to get out of an
undergraduate research experience, along with brief CV, including GPA, to
jsweitz (at)


Postdoctoral Fellowships